Qm – The Quick Mailer

Qm is no longer being actively developed. The latest version will continue to be available for download below.

Qm is an extremely small, fast program for sending E-mail. Its size and flexibility make it ideal for those times you want to quickly send messages or files without starting a large E-mail suite.

Qm - Screenshot


  • Qm easily integrates with a Web browser for quick handling of mailto links
  • Add Qm to the Windows Explorer “Send To” menu to quickly E-mail files
  • Send mail from multiple accounts easily – just edit the “From:” address
  • No installation required, just run Qm.exe from any directory

More Uses for Qm

  • Network testing: Use Qm to quickly test your SMTP server
  • Put Qm.exe on a USB memory key and take your E-mail client wherever you go

Qm 2.2 (20.8 KB)

Additional Information
You can learn more about Qm by reading the documentation.